Fresh Linen

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  • 500ml fragrance refill. 80 hr burn time. Purification is at the very beginning of the history of Maison Berger Paris. The catalyzed lamp with the fragrance of your choice destroys odours and allows you to find purer air. And it not only purifies but also perfumes your interior. Fragrance leaves a soft and refreshing trail behind it. Twenty minutes of burn time is all you need to purify the air and leave it wonderfully fragranced. Made in France.

    The Fresh Linen Home Fragrance opens with dynamic notes of eucalyptus. The lavender notes install a sensation of freshness and cleanliness. Then comes in the notes of apple, deliciously green. Head notes: Eucalyptus. Heart notes: Lavender, Violette. Base notes: Apple, White Musk, Sandalwood.